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5 Roll-In Shower with Shelf

5' Roll-In Shower with Shelf

Product Code: SS6338A

Exterior Dimensions: 63” x 38”

The SS6338A one-piece fiberglass roll-in shower stall is constructed of two distinct layers of fiberglass reinforced composite, reinforced with an intermediate layer of polyester spray core, and finished with an unsaturated polyester gel coat. This shower stall is compliant with ANSI, CA Title 24, Washington Administrative Code (WAC), and ADA standards. It is durable, crack and chip resistant, and can be easily installed in commercial and residential environments.

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  • Clear floor space of 60″x 32 ⅛″
  • Available in 1⅝”, 1”, or ¼” no-recess
  • Anti-slip floor design
  • Built-in reinforcement to support ADA compliant grab bars and seat
  • Strength-tested bottom plate
  • A weight of approximately 145 pounds
  • 30-year limited warranty
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