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Frequently asked questions

Many manufacturers of tub/showers and ADA showers require a mortar bed for floor support. They do not have any support for the most important part of the shower - the floor. Every EverFab product has a fully supported floor which supports a minimum of 1500 pounds. EverFab has trademarked its floor Rhino Bottom because it can support the weight of a Rhino.

Reinforcement of the shower walls is imperative if you are meeting aging in place or FHA requirements. Manufacturers will use a variety of materials to try and reinforce their walls, including waxed cardboard. EverFab is proud to use all inorganic reinforcement. This core material is common in boat hulls and wind turbine blades. This tested multilayer production method ensures the end user full code compliance.

All EverFab commercial showers are all fully reinforced so that grab bars and seats can be added later almost anywhere on the shower without issues.

Showers that utilize wood, cardboard, and certain other materials experience many problems if they get wet. Showers are made with multiple layers of material, and organic materials like wood or cardboard can separate which leads to cracking and leaking. These materials are often used because they are less expensive  and manufacturers can save money. EverFab uses only inorganic materials in its shower which means their showers can be safely stored outside.

Many showers do not come level or come with unsupported floors and require a mortar base to support and level the shower. This can be time consuming and expensive. EverFab showers all come pre-cut and leveled from the factory. This saves money and time, plus prevents issues from a poor mortar job.

EverFab reinforced showers can weigh 1/3 to 1/2 as much as our competitor’s due to the use of our composite core material. Think carbon fiber instead of wood or steel construction. The difference can be 100s of pounds in larger accessible showers. In practical terms, our showers can be moved by one individual with a hand truck where other showers would require a forklift. You can imagine how difficult that would be when the showers are going on the 3rd floor of an apartment building.

You may have experienced a job (or many jobs) with showers that haven’t drained or that arrive with cracks or air voids. These damages are expensive to fix and even more expensive for the delays caused while waiting for the fix. At EverFab we don’t cut corners. And we mean it. This has allowed us to have less than a 1% defect rate on over 40,000 showers shipped. And for the less than 1% that arrive damaged, we repair the defect without question. Along with that, we’ve been told by our customers that they budget for at least 20% less trade damage repairs from dropped screwdrivers etc. Those bills can be tens of thousands of dollars on projects with hundreds of showers.

Many shower manufactures use wax coated cardboard or wood for strength in their units. These reinforcement materials can and will support mold growth. EverFab uses only inorganic materials and will not support any bacterial growth.

EverFab showers are certified with IAPMO UPC, the gold standard of certifying bodies.

EverFab consistently delivers showers in less time than its competitors. For smaller orders we can often ship the next day. For larger orders we usually ship in half the time or less than other manufacturers. Because we are focused on reinforced showers, we serve our customers better and avoid chasing every opportunity out there at the risk of forgetting what we do best.

Our showers comply with various building codes such as ADA, ANSI A 117, Washington Administrative Code, California Title 24, and FHA, to name a few.

Fiberglass is weakest on any unsupported edge. Many manufacturers save on costs by shipping units without crating or protection. EverFab fully perimeter crates every unit including tub/shower to ensure the product is protected during shipment and placement.

Many job sites are in urban areas where large trucks cannot manuver making site deliveries costly. In the Northwest and other areas along the West Coast, EverFab has a fleet of truck and trailer combinations which give flexibility to meet their customers' needs.

Standard EverFab accessories are thru bolted for a clean, non-institutional look and feel. Virtually every other manufacturer uses concealed flanges that rattle and collect mildew.

We have less than a 1% defect rate and feel very confident in the quality of our showers. If there is an issue though, we’re happy to replace or repair the shower that is defective for 30 years.

All EverFab showers are made in the United States in Oregon. We’re always available to answer questions, provide training, and troubleshoot issues if they do come up.

Some of us may have experienced the terrible fiberglass slivers when moving around showers. A “hairy” fiberglass back wall often comes because manufacturers use too much filler and don’t roll out the fiberglass to save money and time. EverFab showers use only the required amount of fill to meet fire code and the fiberglass is meticulously rolled to guarantee the strength of the showers. This provides much smoother walls and no need to wear gloves.

We try to make the warranty process as easy as possible for the customer. Generally there is a rush to have a building or home ready for the end user and we don’t want to hold anything up. If the issue resulted from something we did on our end we will make it right…period. Even if the issue didn’t result from something on our end, we will work with the customer to come up with the best solution possible.

EverFab will visit a job site, jump on a video call, or do whatever else is necessary to make sure the folks installing the showers feel comfortable and confident during installation.

EverFab’s team has been in the shower industry for a very long time and has expertise in installation, construction, accessibility and building codes, and much more. We work to find creative solutions to every challenge that our customers face. We believe in craftsmanship in not just the manufacturing of the showers, but also in the delivery and follow through afterwards.