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T-Shaped EverDam

T-Shaped EverDam


Exterior Dimensions:
1 ” W X 60” L X 1 ” H

EverFab's sleek T-shaped dam is collapsible, easy to install, and compatible with all EverFab fiberglass shower units. This dam retains water while wheelchair users enter and exit their barrier-free showers by providing a 1.25" shower curb without deviating from ADA guidelines. Between the T-shaped EverDam's pleasant appearance and incredible flexibility, users will hardly even notice it's there.

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  • ADA compliant
  • Collapsible design  
  • Increases shower stall water capacity by 10-12 gallons
  • Easy install
  • Can be cut to fit 
  • Compatible with all EverFab showers
  • Approximate weight of 2 pounds
  • Exterior Dimensions: 1 ⅛” W x 60” L x 1 ⅝” H