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5' One-Piece Shower

Product code: S6037 | 60” x 37 ¼” Exterior Dimensions


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Fiberglass shower stalls need to be durable, easy to install, and resistant to wear and tear. That’s what EverFab can offer. With our S6037 5-five foot shower stall unit, you’ll find a one-piece model that can fit into a variety of residential settings and will reliably maintain its pristine white gel coat finish for years to come.

  • Clear floor space of 56 ½” x 34”
  • Anti-slip floor design
  • Stain-resistant white gel coat finish
  • Reinforced with EverFab core material for added strength
  • A skirt height of 6” 
  • 2” above floor rough
  • Strength-tested bottom plate
  • A weight of approximately 150 pounds
  • 30-year limited warranty

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