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Shower Stall Curtain Rod

Shower Stall Curtain Rod

Various Sizes Available

This through-bolted flangeless shower stall curtain rod is constructed from stainless steel and meets all of the load and dimensions requirements outlined by the ADA. This stainless steel shower curtain rod can be easily installed alongside all of the handmade shower models EverFab offers.


  • 10-gauge shower curtain and rings

Shower Stall Curtain Rod Lengths:

  • 32 1⁄2” EF-3637-CR
  • 36” EF-3839-CR
  • 42” EF-4452-CR
  • 44 1⁄2” EF-4837-CR
  • 45” EF-4839-CR
  • 55” EF-6037-CR
  • 56 1⁄2” EF-6032-CR
  • 60” EF-6334-CR
  • 60” EF-6336-CR



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  • Stainless steel design that satisfies all of the ADA shower requirements for load and dimensions
  • Flangeless thru-bolted curtain rod design
  • Available in satin stainless steel or chrome finishes
  • Sizes available for all of EverFab’s shower stall models