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Fiberglass Showers For Senior Housing

Mission Senior Living

Carson City, Nevada

The VP of a senior housing construction business was tired of receiving subpar fiberglass showers and poor communication on every new project. EverFab provides reliable deliveries, top-quality units, and exceptional service. This eliminated the hassle and resulted in both significant savings and rave reviews for MSL Development, LLC.

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MSL Development, LLC works to establish comfortable and safe senior living communities on a nationwide platform. MSL lives by their mission statement: "Building homes for Seniors - Safely, On Time, On Budget." 

Vice President of Construction Doug Treganowan specializes in ground-up construction of their multi-family senior housing projects throughout the Western United States. Doug is always on the hunt for architects, contractors, and other strategic partners that will facilitate his top priorities: value engineering, cost control, tight scheduling, and high level of quality control and finish. 

The end goal is always to build facilities that provide an MVP lifestyle for community residents, staff, and colleagues.


The Challenges

After constructing several new senior housing projects, Doug and his team were not satisfied with the quality of the fiberglass shower units they’d been receiving. Common themes kept rearing their ugly heads: the products weren’t flat on the bottom, weren’t packaged well, and used poor quality fiberglass. Even the plumbers kept complaining about the flanges on the unit bottoms. These frustrations followed MSL Development across all of the manufacturers they had worked with.

What Doug needed was reliable service and a quality shower unit that could satisfy both his inner contractor and his inner owner’s rep. As a contractor, he prizes a precise fit and easy installation. The owner’s rep side of him, however, knows that the finish and look of the final product are just as important. Could EverFab deliver both?




Doug’s initial reaction after the showers first arrived was “Homerun.” The EverFab product really stood out from other manufacturers because “It’s super high quality. It’s competitively priced. It’s everything we could want.” Some of the high points for MSL Development included:

  • Beautiful fit and finish
  • Exceptional quality
  • Color uniformity
  • The flanges (no ragged edges chewing up installers)
  • Secure reinforcement for all accessories
  • Flawless ADA compliance
  • True emphasis on customer service

Every large-scale construction project leaves behind a few nicks. When Doug brought in a local fiberglass service to help out with a few accidental chips accrued during installation after one of his projects, the repairman absolutely raved about the quality of the EverFab units. “That’s a guy that actually repairs fiberglass for a living. That’s a resounding endorsement,” Doug says of the experience.

EverFab’s white glove customer service has consistently impressed. After Doug placed a misorder for one project, EverFab delivered new tubs promptly, held the misordered units, resold them, and issued a credit to Doug. “If the credit had never happened, I probably would not have caught it. That’s integrity.”



Without reservation, I would recommend EverFab’s team and product. EverFab provides reliable showers of high quality and their customer service goes above and beyond.”

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Working with EverFab has done wonders for MSL Development’s bottom line and reputation in the market. Because the company works specifically in multi-family senior housing, strict ADA compliance is also a must.

EverFab showers have given Doug’s projects consistent sizing and 100% ADA compliance with threshold and shower slope requirements. MSL has never had an issue with ADA licensing for showers in the states where they’ve installed EverFab products.


There are good suppliers and manufacturers out there, but a whole lot more just want to get stuff out the door and forget about it. These guys are the polar opposite of that.”

The savings in construction have been substantial. EverFab units don’t need to be set into recesses—they can install flat on a concrete floor. Doug explains that this “saves really about $400-500 a unit not having to put knockouts in the concrete floors. In a 130-unit building, that adds up really fast.” In his example, that amounts to project savings of up to $65,000.

Durability is no longer an issue, and he’s finally satisfied with the quality and strength of the fiberglass showers he’s receiving. The last building MSL Development completed featured over 130 showers with no problems. Only one unit was damaged—when a plumber dropped it off of the second floor deck.


Looking ahead, MSL Development plans to work with EverFab on an upcoming line of exciting custom units for their senior clientele. Standard ADA compatible 5-foot roll-in showers often lack a great place to put shampoo bottles and the like. People will often balance bottles on a grab rail, which is less than ideal. 

Phil and his team at EverFab dove in to collaborate on a solution that will work for Doug in the long term. The new unit design will have an integrated shelf on the back ledge that goes across the whole back of the shower for convenient, home-like comfort. 

EverFab triple-checked with three separate engineers to ensure the height of the shelf would be fully compliant with ADA code and the company is excited to offer this innovative new product to MSL Development and other customers.


EverFab is not just a supplier.  They are a part of the construction process and the team that we count on.”



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